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Old 09-19-2017, 03:32 AM
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Default Who got woke first?

What happened to other teams who work up before the team woke up?

It's mentioned in a few scenarios that there are here and there the remenants of other teams that woke up, usually getting wiped out.

But what happened to other teams that maybe woke up and survived? But weren't able to find Prime Base or get the project working overall?

A few thoughts.

The project would probably have emergency protocols for Prime base going off line. And whilst it might be ok for individual Recon teams and MARS units to identify themselves as Morrow. Something like a field hospital or agricultural project might be ordered to start operations, but wait for communication before identifying themselves as Morrow.

One project might be an agricultural one like the one mentioned in Fallback. Maybe if they've been awake for 50 years, they've started producing stuff to generally make life better. Fertilisers, high nutrition food stuffs, basic medicines and started educating folks in more advanced agriculture techniques?

Whilst maybe a MARS unit after decades of fighting the good fight against impossible odds, with no word from command. May have become more like Ronin with their memory of orders becoming fainter every day.
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