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Old 07-12-2016, 07:43 PM
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Default Encounter Group: Work Men

Name: Work Men ..... Laborers
Geographical Location: Any. Typically more populous in agriculture rich regions.
H&M Average:14
H&M Range 10-16
Number found : 4-24
Tech Level: B
Power / Resources : Electricity, steam, solar / mining, farming.
Weapons: Shotguns, Modern weapons, heavy vehicles.
Special Attributes: Skilled builders and civil construction practitioners.
Description: Migrants based out of a village or camp in a region. They hire themselves out to build projects requiring more than common skill or experience. Decendents of construction industry and highway construction crew, foremen, superintendents, and engineers that put their skills to use for a price in the lean, chaotic years following War Day.

They build or maintain projects in exchange for salvage or salvage rights... Claiming pre_war materials. Their camp is distinguished by the 48x48 inch orange with black letters "Men Working" signs once adorning any asphalt paving project. Members covet the 20th century hard hats, reflective vests, and other trappings of "Working Men" from before the war.
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