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Default yes Sir!!!

Originally Posted by ArmySGT. View Post
Cut down with the plug removed so it holds 5 instead of 3..... Oh yes.
The Browning auto -5 can take 3" or 2 and 3/4" with a flip of the recoil rings as well.
The Barrel ( if not fitted with a ventilated rib) can be adapted to front sight and bayonet lug assembly, but remember that the Browning needs a firm hold to cycle correctly.
It can take a sling if a proper front sling mount is made up. so five reloads on the sling five in a butt mounted /cheek rest holder and five in the gun is nice.
By the way the bolt stays back when empty and you can "roll" another round up with your left hand then hit the left side button release to chamber ....damn fast!!!
I carried the beauty for two years in Combat and fifteen in Law enforcement. Still have it. ( well and a couple more ta go with it.) used number 4 buck then in brass "shells"
It is not a difficult weapon to clean and does not jam ( except with loose hold as stated above) main problem ( in Nam) was the wooden stock and hard finish from factory removed and refinished with a good oil soak no more problems
However in game terms with black powder loads... I wonder?
Tis better to do than to do not.
Tis better to act than react.
Tis better to have a battery of 105's than not.
Tis better to see them afor they see you.

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