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According to documents from 1988, the Army was getting an average of 945 miles per set of tracks for M1 tanks and 840 miles for M1A1 in actual service. By the time of the GAO's 1991 report NSIAD-91-114 Abrams Tank: Operating Costs More Than Expected, that number had declined to 850 miles for the M1 and 710 for M1A1. Both of those were with the T156 link, which was replaced by the T158 in the early '90s, adding 2796 pounds of weight to the tracks. I don't have reports on what sort of lifespan the T158 has had.

Note that this is still a great improvement on early tanks - the Mark I's treads lasted an average of 25 to 30 miles (and drive sprockets usually only lasted 20 miles).
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