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Originally Posted by cosmicfish View Post
TMP has an issue that the current military doesn't need to deal with: fully automated systems that recognize command authority. If the COOP is going to be worthwhile it needs to account for how lower-level units will access automated resources when higher-level command is destroyed (or out of contact, which is effectively the same thing, temporarily).

For example: Communications with Regional and higher commands is cut off using local comms sources, the Team Commander is dead, and the only way to contact Regional or Prime is using a nearby automated communications station... which will only grant access to someone at the Team Command level or above. So are they just screwed, or does the comms station have a protocol whereby a temporary Team Commander can be designated until comms are restored and Regional or Prime can send official confirmation.
Agreed, the automated systems do present a challenge, but not one that cannot be mitigated for this type of situation. My concept for the Morrow Project ID handles this in a nice way. My IDs are just like your chip and pin credit card. The chip contains a great deal of information: your profile, your authorization level and 4-6 PKI encryption keys. There is still space for a small number of one-time use authentication codes. The codes would allow a one-time elevation of privilege when used with your personal passcode. Once the automated facility verifies the code using its private key, the one-time code is marked as used at the facility and the person can use the facility for a period of time, be it a number of hours, days, minutes. The duration would be determined by the anticipated time it would take for someone of appropriate command level to either take charge or grant privileges to the person(s) there.
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