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Originally Posted by ArmySGT. View Post
Depends on if the KFS has access to prototypes or blueprints of cancelled DoD, DARPA, or defense contractor projects. The Crusader Howitzer was supposed to have a common powerpack with the M1A2, and that a V-12 diesel would be an optional. Now there is talk of the M1A3 and an optional V-12 powerpack for that. Afghanistan and Iraq taught us that there is a need for the turbine in the rapid offensive operations but, in low intensity, COIN, and even in some pure defensive postures the more conservative piston diesel is the better choice.

I was certain there was an auxiliary sight for the M1 gunner but, I wasn't sure of the type, training, or how used. Thanks.
The Gunner's Auxiliary Sight or GAS, requires significant training to master, the gunner has to compute target speed and the range, it most definitely NOT a "one round, one hit" system. Plan on two-four rounds for a moving target, one-three rounds to walk into a stationary target. The GAS depends on standard ammunition types, depending on what the KFS can build, they may even replace the sight with something similar to that used in world war two tanks (stereoscopic sights).
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