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I post these under the best that never was: the initial tanks available (for the original nations) in the on line game World of Tanks. I know there are some players out there.

They fall under this topic because (except for the French FT-17), known of these faced actual combat.

The file includes...
  • T7 Combat Car (US)
  • T1 Light Tank (US)
  • LT-31 (Germany)
  • FT-17 (France)
  • NC-27 (Japan)
  • NC-31 (China)
  • MS-1/T-18 (USSR)
  • Vickers Medium Mk I (GB)

For each one, there is a T2K style vehicle sheet and a description of the vehicle, its development, and how reality differed from it depiction in WoT.

I did these as an exercise for the fun of it (compare these vs T2K light AFVs). Admittedly, they have little direct use in T2K...

Uncle Ted
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